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Stephen F. Austin State University

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11/13/2021 6:13:44 PM

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11/20/2021 09:00



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7     Double-spaced (2100 words)

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developed 7 pages excluding cover pages and refences APA style that highlights the historical development of the institution Stephen F. Austin State University and which also explores a topic of substantial concern/policy/practice that students, faculty or staff, administrators, or other stakeholders raised at some point during the history of the instituion. Ex of topics may include: student riots; exclusion of certain student demographic; epidemic impacting campus; impact of war on the campus; temporary closure of campus, etc… The historical development section of the paper should address the following points: By whom, when and in what social/historical context was the institution created? What has been its primary educational mission? This may include certain population demographic as well as curricular focus. Has the mission changed over time and if so how? Have any voices/people been excluded from the history of the intuition? The section of the paper which explores a substantive issue impacting the institution should address the following: What is the issue selected? Why has this issue been selected? What is the critical, informed analysis of the issue and how was this issue addressed at this institution? What was the opinion of how the issue was addressed/resolved? Must use primary and secondary sources materials

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