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A. The scope and purpose of the paper The purpose of this paper is to help students understand the theories of racism and concepts on different elements in racism. Just like the first assignment, this paper is also a comparative exercise. Without comparing, we do not know how the “faces” of racism change and how different ethnic groups experience different faces of racism across time. Compare three ethnic groups in the US. Choose one ethnic group from white, and two ethnic groups from non-white. If you cannot distinguish between ethnic groups and racial groups, consult your textbook or me. If you choose groups like American Africans, Middle Easterners, Indigenous people, you can treat these racialized groups as a case in your paper. You cannot choose and compare Latinos, Asians etc as a group in this paper, since there are many ethnic groups in Latin America (Mexicans, Colombians, Peruvians etc) and Asia (Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Malaysians, Thais, Indians etc). B. Structure of the paper (single spaced) Introduction (half page): State why racism is an important topic to study. In the end of the first paragraph, state the purposive statement: The purpose of this paper is to examine….and compare…. Review the theories and concepts of racism. Must use the textbook definitions (except systemic discrimination/racism) and the definition of systemic discrimination/racism from the assigned readings. State the comparison that is based on these definitions. Body of the paper / table Concept/ Ethnic groups One white ethnic group (Irish / Italian, German, French…) Cite ALL the sources in the text of the paper. One non-white ethnic group (Japanese, Koreans… for example) Another non-white ethnic group from non-white (Japanese, Koreans, African Americans, Mexicans, natives… for example) Prejudice Each grid has at two examples: 1) Before 1960 2) After 1960 The examples must show the nature of the concept such as prejudice here and the rest alike. Individual discrimination Institutional discrimination (intentional) 1) James Crow Laws Systemic discrimination (unintentional) Discussion and Conclusion (two paragraphs about ¾ of a pape) Compare how different groups have experienced racism across different forms and times. That is to 1) compare the Irish, for example, as a group across times, and 2) compare Irish with African Americans and Japanese, that is across groups, across time. After the comparison, what can be said about racism. Reference Cite with proper APA format. Watch the video posted on Blackboard. All the definitions and concepts and discussion MUST come from peer-reviewed and academic sources. NO .com, .edu, .org will be accepted. Examples can come from news from major outlets such as New York Times, NPR, Washington Posts, CNN, NPR, Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal, NBC etc, NOT from Peoples, Buzzfeed, etc. Plenty examples from your textbook. Use them. The citation format cannot be wrong this time.

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