Philosophy of Care Paper

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Philosophy of Care Paper

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Purpose of Assignment: The purpose of this assignment is to summarize what you have learned about issues related to global cultures, spiritual or integrative and complementary medicine and health beliefs, yourself, your beliefs, and your own personal biases and how they influence the care you will deliver to patients. You will incorporate cultural and spiritual assessment, and nursing theory. You will end this paper with a personal philosophy of care statement. Step 1: Place a shortened version of your title in your running headers per APA 7 format. Step 2: Review what you have learned about yourself. Select a situation/issue as the basis of your paper. What you select needs to be different then your perspective. Use an issue, whatever issue you select, it needs to be different than your personal perspective, culture or spiritual approach/beliefs. Looking at how we overcome barriers. • Differences in economic, demographic, or cultural or spiritual diversity • Health practices and beliefs of a different culture. • Alternative or complementary health practices • Other cultural and spiritual beliefs and practices affecting health care. Consider: 1. How did the difference in diversity, cultural or spiritual practice and/or belief affect the patient’s care health care? 2. What was the cultural or spiritual challenge or dilemma? Include how this practice or belief is similar to or different from your own cultural practice/s and/or belief/s. 3. How did you perceive the situation? 4. How was it was perceived by others? 5. Cultural and spiritual assessment of a patient and/or family and your plan of care. What other factors influence their perceptions, such as country of origin, language, or religious beliefs or spiritual beliefs? 6. Prospective assessment of nursing staff and organization. What other factors may influence their perceptions, such as personal beliefs, professional or organizational culture? 7. Outcome of the situation. 8. What might have been done better or differently? 9. How you deal with that experience that demonstrate professionalism and respect? 10. How did this change your nursing practice? Did the situation change the way you think about delivery of care? Have your perceptions now changed as a result of this course? Step 3: Choose a conceptual nursing model or theory that you will use to evaluate the situation and/or guide your care. Step 4: 1. Write your paper in the following format: 2. An introduction describing the topic of the paper; and background information to give us context about the situation you are about to present. 3. A 1-3 paragraph summary of the incident or dilemma related to cultural or spiritual practices or beliefs, complementary beliefs or practices, or other cultural difference. What challenges were presented? 4. A sophisticated 3-4 paragraph discussion about the highlighted cultural or spiritual practices, complementary therapy and/or beliefs, supported by a minimum of two current and scholarly references. Make sure to include a respectful discussion on how the differing opinions/cultures/beliefs/practices are useful to you in understanding a different worldview than your own. What resources do you use in these situations? 5. A 1-2 paragraph summary of the spiritual and cultural assessment tool or model you chose and a discussion of how it will be used to plan and guide your nursing care based on the chosen topic. Include at least one scholarly reference. 6. A 1-2 paragraph summary of the nursing theory or conceptual model you chose and a discussion of how it will be used to plan and guide your nursing care based on the chosen topic. Include at least one scholarly reference. 7. State and explain your personal philosophy of care statement regarding what you believe about cultural and spiritual influences and healing that provides the lens through which you practice. Has it improved your leadership skills in decision-making, communication, or working with your team or the patient? How did this incident affect your philosophy of care? Did it improve your leadership skills in decision-making, communication, or working with your team or the patient? 8. Finish your paper with a concluding paragraph that states how you met the purpose of the paper stated in the first paragraph.

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