MODEL UN: NORWAY REPORT – UN General Assembly 2nd Committee Analysis

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MODEL UN: NORWAY REPORT – UN General Assembly 2nd Committee Analysis

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MANDATORY Structure: Im so sorry about how anal this is, but these sources (or most of them, are truly mandatory to have) 1. Introduction: purpose and context (1) an overview of the committee topics [Financing for Development (FfD); Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) for Sustainable Economic and Financial Development; and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)] (2) Norway’s general interests and specific goals and propositions regarding these topics, 2. Topic 1: Financing for Development a. issues – COVID making poor countries poorer, increasing existing global inequality problems – development dropped during covid, poor countries need to undertake debt traps, or poor fiscal / monetary policy to maintain level of spending to boost recovery efforts. *stats on this? past work I. A / RES / 75 / 207 ii. Adiss Ababa Action Agenda iii. Look at notes below b. Three priorities (evidence-based) – (look at #3) – 3. Topic 2: Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) for Sustainable Economic and Financial Development a. Issues- Covid & inequality, but also for tech. Problems – Shift to online economy apparent in most of the world, except, some countries cannot due to lack of ICT infrastructure, impacts access to jobs, social services, education, logistics, markets, stats? Past work I. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS INDEX (select any which correlate to ict or development of some sort) ii. A / RES / 71 / 212 iii. A / 74 / 197 b. Three priorities (evidence-based) - - – 4. Topic 3: Disaster Risk Reduction (DDR) a. Issues – Climate disasters in Norway due to rising sea levels, reliance on fossil fuels, and how this same issue is shared by Indonesia (rising sea levels) problems – Needs to diversify its resources and create systems to prevent additional flooding and potential issues past work I. A / RES / 75 / 216 ii. A / RES / 69 / 225 iii. b. Three priorities (evidence-based) – – – 5. Conclusion: an overall assessment of goals *Tips you could look at press releases and speeches form the Norwegian foreign ministry as well as any documents by them or the Norwegian government, Prime Minister, UN Mission Ambassador, national laws, government websites (Norway), and international resolutions t from the UN. *Sources that you would probably need to use Notes from class development–In recent years, the total Norwegian development assistance represented approximately 1.02% of the GNI. Norway is one of the few donor nations to achieve the UN target of 0.7% of GNP.–Norwegian development and aid has increased year over year from 2018-19 by 9.7%.–Norway’s aid contributions are global in nature with programs in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.–The major themes of focus for Norwegian development are: climate change and environment, education, energy, global health, higher education and research, macroeconomics and public administration and oil for development.mNorway and the UN•Development–Norway’s development cooperation has 20 multilateral partner organisations, which have been selected because their core tasks fit in closely with the priorities of Norwegian development policy: agricultural and food security (FAO, CGIAR), health (WHO, GFATM, UNAIDS), human rights (OHCHR), gender and women\’s rights (UN Women), children\’s rights (UNICEF), good governance and capacity building (UNDP), demography and sexual and reproductive rights (UNFPA), decent work (ILO), migration (IOM), environment (UNEP), together with the World Bank (WB) and Tax Policy and Administration Topical Trust Fund (TPA TTF). Norway and the UN–Financial contribution–Norway is currently the 8th largest contributor. •However, when broken down to contributions per capita, Norway contributes $399 far higher than the USA at $44–Norway makes significant funding to core organizations in the UN•WHO (third largest donor)•Ocha (third largest donor)•UNFPA (largest donor)•UNDP (third largest donor)•UNHCR (third largest donor)•OHCHR (largest donor)–All core funding totaled $321.6 million USD–The expenses are paid by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.–In response to the COVID-19 pandemic Norway has increased its contribution to the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (Cerf) totaling nearly $55 million USD , Norway\’s parliament, good for looking at national legislation ****** PLEASE look at this, it really helps 🙂 this too !

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