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MAde to Order?

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online discussion question

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watch the film for this week at: (Links to an external site.) Then respond to this question: The Jackson Lab makes its income from engineering and cloning mammals – thousands of them. You can browse their selection of genetically engineered beings — including genetically engineered mice – at: My favorites among their animals include the humanized mice and, especially, the Green Fluoride Peptide mouse that has had a section of jellyfish DNA spliced into its own DNA to make its blood grow green in the presence of a certain kind of light. Only $1700/mouse, cryo-preserved and shipped right to your door (can anyone say Amazon Prime?). The landmark Supreme Court case, Diamond v. Chakrabarty, ruled in 1980 that genetically modified organisms can be patented. Therefore, The Jackson Lab ‘owns’ the beings it creates. The same is true of a company like Monsanto that develops GMO plant strains for human consumption. Before 1980 the Supreme Court had held consistently that one could not patent a living being. Do you think the Supreme Court made the right decision? Why or why not? Composition: Is the writing clear and error free? Do citations reflect adherence to a style manual? Argument (reply to forum question): Does the main argument have reasons that are stated clearly and led to the conclusion the author presented? Does the author bring in at least one credible outside source and used it effectively? Counterargument: Does student cite an outside author’s argument with which they disagreed (VERY important). Is the argument paraphrased so that the outline contains at least three lines but no more than five? Is the text color changed to make the outline identifiable? Conclusion: Is conclusion clearly specified in forum post? Is color changed to blue and the length of conclusion limited?

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