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Individual Project

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2     Double-spaced (600 words)

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OBJECTIVES Scenario: You are a correctional officer at a maximum security state penitentiary. The facility houses 1,200 inmates on average, with convictions for a variety of violent or drug-related felonies. There is a local reporter who has a significant interest in the daily operations of your facility as a result of complaints lodged by the family members of certain members of the population. The complaints are similar in nature: certain inmates at your facility are being raped on a regular basis with very little or nothing being done to prevent these assaults, even in cases where officers are in the area where the assaults are occurring. The warden tells the staff that something has to be done about this because he doesn\’t like the attention being paid to the facility. He states that he doesn\’t really care what happens to a convict—they\’re convicts after all, but the facility can\’t deal with the negative publicity and the potential lawsuits. He needs you all to ensure that you understand and carry out the policies on inmate sexual activity. You will be exploring ethical principles and theories to address decision-making in the criminal justice profession. Using your reading assignments and media resource links, write a 2-page paper in answer to the following: In your own words, summarize the following concepts as they pertain to a criminal justice professional. Each concept should be summarized in 1 paragraph: Utilitarianism Consequentialism Deontology Using the scenario provided, describe how you would do your job based on each of the ethical perspectives of utilitarianism, consequentialism, and deontology.

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