Compare and Contrast Paper

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Compare and Contrast Paper

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1/27/2020 9:31:19 PM

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01/31/2020 23:59


Case Study

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3     Double-spaced (900 words)

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Choose a topic that is discussed in both books: Bringing Up Girls and Bringing Up Boys (i.e. parental influence, physiological differences, society’s influence, emotional or cognitive development, etc.), and compare and contrast the topic among the two genders. The student will also speak to the influence this topic will have in how he or she counsels parents and/or their children and support his or her writing with empirical research. The purpose of this assignment is to pinpoint the differences between boys and girls and explain why they are important considerations in counseling. This assignment should be 2–3 pages in length and should utilize the texts for this course and at least 2 outside sources (scholarly, peer-reviewed sources dated within the last five years) to support the content of the assignment. Using direct quotes should be avoided in paper of this length. The assignment should include a Title page and References page, however an Abstract will NOT be necessary. All sources must be cited in current APA format.

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