Comparative Research Paper

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Comparative Research Paper

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African-American Studies

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5     Double-spaced (1500 words)

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Research Paper

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Make sure all four (4) sections/parts of the paper are included, see info below on how set up the paper and explanations of the sections. Sections are 1. Introduction, 2. Body of the paper with either text by text OR point by point comparison. (I suggest text by text blocks), 3. Conclusion and 4. Works Cited . Note: The page count has been reduced from 8-10 pages to 5 well written pages as an accommodation. I will accept 6 pages maximum if you find you cannot write within 5 pages. This means 5 fully written pages with criteria below and a Works Cited as page 6 . * 5 page count includes: 4 fully written, double spaced, 12 pt font pages with citations after any quoted or paraphrased information from from your sources in the body of the paper, no large spaces between paragraphs, with page 5 as the Works Cited, written in MLA format go to this link to see an MLA formatted paper and follow the format: (Links to an external site.) Note: Plagiarism check: If anything appears plagiarized, you will be notified of it in the window when you upload. This means you will need to read what has been identified, correct the paper by making sure page citations are included in the body of your paper and resubmit it. Go to the MLA sample paper above to see how to format page or author and page citations properly. I will also be checking he paper, what is flagged., and will give my comments in the comment section. The paper should contain either Choice 1 or Choice 2 The choices for the Comparative Research Paper are: Choice 1. Write a comparative research paper on 1 specific subject of interest to you and elements related to your major or minor in relation to Africans or African Americans. Example: Medicine. Compare and Contrast early medical practices or specific invention created by Africans in Africa with early medical practices or inventions by African Americans and state the effects. Example: Laws. Compare Jim Crow Laws in America to South Africa\\\’s Apartheid Laws. OR Choice 2. Write a comparative paper on the effects of 1 system and 1 physical structure that is related to either Africans in Africa OR a specific country in the Diaspora AND African Americans in America. State what you will focus on such as similarities or differences and state the effects. Note: Other Countries in the Diaspora include Haiti, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Canada Again, an example of Systems are Education, Religious, Legal, Medical, Economic (includes alternative mental health and wellness systems), Political, Social, Art and artifact making systems , etcetera. Physical Structures are schools, universities, hospitals, clinics, court houses, jails, prisons, banks; museums, art galleries. Example: Education System with Structure=schools or universities. Compare the effects of what is or is not being taught, how subjects are taught, supplies that are available or not available in cities where persons of African descent or African Americans live vs suburbs and wealthier areas. Example: Compare the effects of Private vs Public Education in schools or universities in a country in Africa and the United States of America OR a state in the United States of America and a State in Brazil Use this link as a guide to generate your thesis in the Introduction of the Comparative Research Paper (Links to an external site.) Fill in as much info as you can in each box and click \\\”Generate your thesis\\\”” and a basic outline of your ideas at the bottom of the page. Guide to set up your paper from (Links to an external site.) download (Links to an external site.) To write a good compare-and-contrast paper

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