4 page paper on policy

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4 page paper on policy

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Political Science

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This paper has two parts. In the first part I want you to think about how ideas affect your policy. What ideas are You are to make an argument as to which ideas were embedded in the creation of your policy AND which ideas are reinforced by your policy. You will also want to specify what kinds of ideas are at play in your policy. Further, you will need to make an argument as to HOW those ideas function in the creation of and enactment of your policy. For the second part I want you to set that same general policy idea down into a different political system – either a socialist, communist, anarchist, or fascist system – and I want you to describe how you think your policy would be different under these different political system and why. This does not necessarily require additional research, as this is largely an analytic exercise that asks you to apply the material from the readings/lectures in the class to your policy area. The idea here is to think abou how ideology affects your policy. You will be graded on your analysis and application of the theoretical material from the class to your policy area. Once a bid is selected I will give you more details


The paper needs to be on the right for citizens to protect themselves written from a Libertarian/Anarchist point of view. Use the examples of the death of george floyd and the riots that proceeded to show how the state will never protect it’s citizens so self protection is needed through citizens arming themselves. The policy falls into the pro-anarchist and pro-guns for the save of protection category. You can use 2-3 news sources to give examples of the deaths and damage done. Heres how it should be structured below.Part 1: What’s the idea that was the driving force behind the creation of your policy?What idea does your policy create/reinforce?Part II 3. Which system will you put your policy into? 3a. What are the main elements of that system?4. What would your policy be like in that system? 4a. Why? 


Really stress how the state will not protect you regardless of the situation. The state didn’t protect George Floyd and they didn’t protect private businesses from rioters and looters. There needs to be a discussion about how the policy would work in an anarchist society. 


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