The Colored Museum

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The Colored Museum, by George C. Wolfe, is the first play we will be studying.  It is a satirical drama consisting of short plays that illustrate, celebrate, and reflect on different aspects of African-Americans’ lives in the late ’80s.  You can watch the play performed on YouTube.

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Assignment: write a one to two-page essay reflecting on your experience studying this play.  Focus mainly on the effectiveness of the comedy and the themes expressed in the play.  I am not interested in a detailed description/summary of every event in the play.  I have read it and seen it many times. I know what happens.  Make your summary brief.  I am interested in how you analyze the work, the comedy, and your assessment of the themes.  I want to know how well you understand the message the playwright wanted to convey.  

Be aware of context; the play was written in the ’80s.  Some of the aspects of the play might feel old or dated.  But, if you look carefully, there is something about the play that still resonates today. See if you can tap into that sensibility and think about what makes it an important study in understanding the African-American experience as it was then and as it is now.

Tips for a great essay:

  • Assume your reader knows nothing of the subject you are writing about.  You are NOT writing an essay for just me.  Treat it as if you are writing an essay that will be read by many people worldwide.
  • Set the scene.  Your first paragraph should give the reader an overview of your essay.  Let your reader know what to expect and how you will frame your essay.
  • Spend time creating a clear and specific thesis statement.  Take a stance, and choose a specific side of the argument.  This will help you spend the rest of your essay illustrating your point of view with specific references and evidence.
  • It always helps to create an outline of your essay before you begin writing.
  • The body of your essay should serve to support your thesis.
  • The conclusion should clearly and concisely sum up your essay.  It never hurts to repeat your thesis statement or re-phrase it in a fresh new way.  Finish strong by giving your reader one final thought.
  • Works cited page– All essays should contain a works cited page at the end.  MLA style preferred.  Good works cited page demonstrates to the reader that you have done your research.  It also allows them to look further into the subject by following your resources.
  • Read and ReviseThis is the most important step!  Unfortunately, it is also the step that gets skipped most often.  All good essays go through multiple revisions. Here is what I recommend: As soon as you type the last word, don’t submit it.  Just save it, and step away from your computer.  Do something else; get your mind away from it. (Go for a walk, hang with your kids, watch some tv, play some video games, read an unrelated book, social media… whatever!)  A few hours later, or the next day (if you can), print your essay and read it aloud.  Reread it, and make corrections: spelling, grammar, structure, clarity, etc.  Read it a few more times until you are happy with your essay and proud to share it.  Those are the essays that stand out.

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