Online Learning Experience

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Online Learning Experience

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online discussion question

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BACKGROUND INSTRUCTIONS: Researchers bring their own life experience to their studies. On the worrisome side, sometimes this can bias their work so it is important to identify your own opinions, and potential biases, that might affect how you collect and analyze data. On the good side, life experience can help you design and conduct excellent research because you know something about what you are studying. Keeping this in mind, for this post do the following: Spend some time with your own thoughts. Think about your own experiences taking courses online. If this is the first online course you’ve taken, then even better in a way since the “newness”” of it is just like an ethnographer going into the field and feeling out of her cultural comfort zone. Basically think about what you like and dislike and why. Why do you take courses online versus face-to-face. Identify the factors that affect your taking courses online. Jot down these ideas just like you were taking field notes on an observation! When you have finished your brainstorm

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