Managing a Multigenerational Workforce

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Managing a Multigenerational Workforce

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Final Paper – It is likely that one or several of the topics we discuss in this class will particularly catch your attention. Choose one of those topics and do some additional research on the topic. Once you have done this write a paper on that topic meeting the requirements listed below. 1. The paper should include your insights rather than just a listing of the findings. For example, you may find that five of the articles you found supported all the tenets of the topic at hand. 2. Or you may find that the theory was useful explaining motivation in American settings but not in non-western countries. 3. Think critically as you read the articles and find ways in which they have something in common, or in which they differ. Use your analytical skills to make insightful comments on the articles you read for your paper. Again, merely summarizing them is not what I am looking for in this paper. Additional guidance is listed below. • 10 pages of text • An appropriate number of tables and figures, as presented in the articles you found. • 15 peer reviewed academic research articles cited in the 9 pages of text. • A reference page in APA format • Double spaced • Numbered pages • 10–12-point font • Standard margins • proper writing mechanics i.e., sentence structure, structure of the paper, grammar, punctuation etc. • Introduction• • Conclusion

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