how to influence a purchase

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how to influence a purchase

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1/31/2021 2:42:24 PM

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01/31/2021 23:00



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3     Double-spaced (900 words)

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For this assignment I would like you to reflect on a recent purchase and apply what you are learning about the consumer behavior strategies used to influence your buying decisions. Then write your perspective on the following: Research the marketing surrounding your purchase and identify any behavioral strategies you see reflected in their approach. Reflect on your own purchasing decision process and consider how these approaches may have influenced your buying behavior. Reflect on other vendors or products that do not use these approaches and what changes they could make to gain your patronage in the future. Research and apply what you have learned regarding consumer behavior to your personal buying behavior. You are expected to cite relevant sources to support your analysis. Assignment Guidelines For this assignment you are responsible for the creation of an original work that is comprehensive. Any sources of information that you use in the creation of your original work should be clearly cited following APA guidelines, in order to avoid plagiarism. Your submission is expected to be 3 to 4 pages in length and composed using APA Format. I’ve summarized the basic guidelines of the APA format for you. double-spaced 1-inch margins 12 pt. Times New Roman font, or similar title and resources pages provided

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