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* Please to answer the questions and put them separately and also the references thank you . ?? Unit 3.1 DB: Self-Injury * How does someone engaging in self-injurious behaviors differ from someone who is suicidal? What interventions would you apply when working with a client engaging in self-injurious behaviors? * In response to your peers, suggest techniques or methods to appropriately assess a client to distinguish self-injury from suicidal thoughts.? * * Unit 3.2 DB: Clients as a Danger to Others ??What are five things a crisis worker should explore with a client who is suspected of being homicidal??In response to your peers, think critically about the strategies discussed by your classmates and provide feedback.???? * * Unit 3.3 DB: Case Study ???Thinking of the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention and suicide assessment, decide which risk level the client is and discuss what interventions you would apply.?A 14-year-old African American boy is sent for counseling by his school counselor because he has not been coming to school and is not performing when he is in school. His mother brings him to the appointment, but she is in a hurry because she is on her lunch break from her full-time job. His father does not live with them, though he comes around frequently. The child states that he wishes he never existed and that he wishes he was dead.

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