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Communications essay

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Communication Strategies

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The struggle that takes place when two people believe their needs cannot be met simultaneously. When was the last time you were involved in a conflict? There are many myths about conflict that we have been brought up believing including: Conflict must always be bad or hurt the relationship Conflict is the sign of an abnormal relationship Conflict should be resolved quickly All conflicts can be solved Where does conflict come from? It can happen anywhere at any time, but there are 5 sources of conflict we can find ourselves facing. Sources of conflict Perceptual Bias – When two people see the world differently. (i.e. the abortion debate). Interdependence – Comes from forgetting that your decisions affect someone else. (i.e. forgetting to call a friend on her birthday) Goals – Comes from each person wanting something different (i.e. I want to see a comedy; I want to see a drama) Resources – Comes from not agreeing on how to manage the finances (i.e. I want to buy a tv; I want to buy a vacuum) Outside Interference – Comes from a third party getting in the way of two other participants. (i.e. My mother-in-law comes to live with us) Even though conflict can come from anywhere, it can only do one of two things to your relationship. Either it will turn out to be: Constructive – Both participants leave the conflict feeling better about themselves and the relationship or Destructive – At least one person leaves the conflict feeling worse about themselves and the relationship. Obviously we want the constructive outcome, but how do we get there? Conflict Management Strategies Avoidance – Either physically or psychologically leaving the conflict. Can be constructive OR destructive. The person being left behind will feel worse, but sometimes it prevents a conflict from escalating. Competition – Results in one person “winning”” the conflict and once person “”losing””. Can be constructive OR destructive. The “”loser”” will often feel worse

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