Communication Ethics; Final Paper – Analysis Paper

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Communication Ethics; Final Paper – Analysis Paper

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11/10/2019 1:30:52 PM

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Communication Strategies

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VERY IMPORTANT –PLEASE READ– 4 PAGES OF ROUGH DRAFT IS DUE BY 7AM TOMMOROW, NOV 11———– PLS ONLY TAKE THIS IF YOU CAN DO THAT!!!! 🙂 Rough Draft Requirements a. Include minimum of 4 coherent pages towards the analytical portion of your final paper b. Use and properly cite a minimum of 5 academic sources that are informing your analysis c. Don’t include the portion about the case here (include that only in the actual final paper) (**note: I will send the original case paper once I accept bid) d. Use APA style e. Turn in a hard copy during class on November 11th Communication Ethics; Final Paper – Analysis Paper Paper Requirements: a. The minimal required length of the “Final Paper- – Analysis Paper” is 14 Pages: i. Brief introduction of the analysis paper (address your main points). ii. Review of the case (use your Case Paper – with revisions if necessary)- use the heading “Case” iii. A minimum of 8 pages of theoretically-driven analysis (you should be utilizing the academic sources to scrutinize the case). This portion is essentially the “body” of the paper, hence, use the main points (labeled by headings) to organize the paper. You should have 2-5 headings in this portion of the paper. iv. Devote approximately 1-2 pages to conclusion (use heading “Conclusion”). Recapture your main points. How did your analysis illuminate the case of interest? Can you provide an ethical recommendation based on your analysis? b. You should use at a minimum of 10 academic/scholarly/peer-reviewed sources within your analysis: • You are allowed to (and frequently encouraged – when relevant) to use course readings as sources – however at least 6 of the utilized academic sources should be additional sources that you specifically find for the analysis. • Use the database Communication Source Complete c. You are allowed to use on-academic sources if you find them relevant – however, these additional sources do not count towards 10 academic sources. d. Of course, cite all the nonacademic sources that you’ve used to describe the case for the Case Paper. e. Use APA style of citations. Include References at the end. f. Paper should be double-spaced, 12pt-Times New Roman, standard margins. g

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