Article Review: Executive Leadership

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Article Review: Executive Leadership

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3     Double-spaced (900 words)

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Annotated Bibliography

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You will write a 3–5 page APA-style paper with an annotated bibliography. Creating an annotated bibliography will require the application of a variety of intellectual skills and the ability to use appropriate search engines to identify scholarly journal articles (e.g. Harvard Business Review, Forbes), analyze the research findings, and write concisely. The 3–5 pages are for content and do not include the cover page or references. No abstract is required.The research you conduct for this paper will be very specific in nature. You will need to research examples of Executive Leadership being demonstrated successfully in organizations in which a problem occurred and was turned around positively. You need to identify at least three peer-reviewed articles where examples of executive leadership excellence have been demonstrated.Your Article Review Paper must include the following components:1. Problem statement: Why did you choose this research topic? What kind of problem is being investigated? Who are the participants (the Executive Leadership team, for example)? How was your research conducted? What data collection methods are being used?2. Summary of findings: from the peer-reviewed articles.3. Outcome: What were the challenges that the Executive Leadership faced; how were they overcome? What was the outcome? Was it considered successful? Why or why not?4. Discussion: based on your personal experience, knowledge, and skills on Organizational Leadership that you have gained from this course.5. Citation

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