Argument Analysis reply

AA Reply Instructions

You are tasked with replying to an AA for each article other than the article you wrote your AA on. This means that you will be replying to 9 AAs throughout the course of the term. (For Module 1, you will be answering some questions about the material; there will be no AAs that module.)

For each AA reply, your task is to do as much as you can to support the article from the objection presented in the AA. In other words, you’re working to defend the article from the objection your classmate raises in the AA.

Each AA reply will have two components:

First: summarize the objection

Make sure you understand the objection being made by expressing it, in your own words. You can start this section by saying something like, “I understand your objection to be…” and going from there. This should be a paragraph.


Second: Defend the article’s argument from this objection

You are working to defend the argument presented in the article from your classmate’s objection. You can start this section by saying something like, “This objection may fail because…” Now, you may think the objection is accurate, but you still have to try to develop a response to it! This should be one or two paragraphs.

Keep in mind that your classmate will have to develop their final paper by revising this AA. The goal is to provide a response to their objection that can help them with this task.

Also keep in mind that you and the AA author are on the same team. Your classmate wrote an AA arguing for one position, and you are arguing for the opposite position, but this does not make you adversaries. You and the AA author are collaborating, using this objection-and-reply activity to determine how successful the argument in the article is. I take this very seriously: tone matters, and this assignment is designed to let you practice the sort of tone that is appropriate for team-based argumentative work. Your task is not just to develop a response to the AA’s objection but to do so kindly, compassionately, and as helpfully as possible.

AA Replies are graded by rubric, without written comments provided. They are also graded rigorously. It is your responsibility to make sure you understand the rubric, and it is your responsibility to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns about it.



Expression: 33%

Do you accurately / reasonably represent the AA’s objection? Is your writing clear, precise, and concise? Does your response reflect a clear understanding of the article and its main argument?

Argumentation: 33%

Do you provide a plausible and clear response to the objection? Is the justification for this response reasonable? Do you make use of the article’s contents, when appropriate, to structure this response? Do you use quotations from the article to support claims you make? (Note: if you say something like, “The author believes that P,” this is a claim that needs textual evidence for support! Give the quotation where the author says that P.)

Helpfulness: 33%

Do you maintain a kind, compassionate, and helpful tone throughout your reply? Does your reply contain the sort of information that will help the AA’s author craft a stronger final paper?

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