Week 2 – Discussion 1

Week 2 – Discussion 1

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View the TedTalk “Why I live in Mortal Dread of Public Speaking” by Megan Washington (TEDx, 2014). Then, study page 36 of the course text where the authors present Sources of Communication Apprehension (Engleberg & Wynn, 2015). Think communication. Boston, MA: Pearson. In light of the TedTalk, the text, and your own experiences respond to the following questions: What strikes you as most interesting about Ms. Washington’s talk? Do you relate in any way to her talk or to the Sources of Communication Apprehension page? If you had to pick one or two sources of communication apprehension that you feel relate to you, which ones would they be and how do you manage them.

Click here to view the TedTalk video (Links to an external site.)



Be sure to respond to your peers as well.

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