Report on your Archival Engagement

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Report on your Archival Engagement

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For this assessment, you will have to ?spend some time examining ?a particular archive.? Drawing from the material offered in the course, you can choose to? write about the archive itself, ?or? concentrate on a particular holding. If you go for the former, it would be best to concentrate on a smaller institution. You do not have to know anything previously about the topics they archive (although this might add some depth to your analysis), the key thing would be to engage in what we can call an immanent critique. That is to say, to analyse the things the archive says about itself, its self-assigned mission, function, scope etc. and then “test” them against your experience of the archive. If you go for the latter, the idea is to exhaust the information that you might derive from the document or item as you find it in the archive. Again, this is a report on your encounter, rather than an essay on this item. So while you might end up expanding your contextual information about the document elsewhere, ideally you would first try to interrogate the document and its relation to other documents in the archive as much as you are able to. We had hoped that these reports would be the products of guided archive visits, but although we waited as long as it was reasonable, it is now clear this is not going to be possible, so you will be expected to work with digital archive. Remember that some archives might be accessible only if you register or contact an archivist in advance. Remember that this is a ?report ?and ?not an? essay,?so its purpose is not so much to develop and ground a particular argument, but to narrate to others your encounter with a particular archive or archival holding. The pedagogical aims of the assignment include: – Gaining an experience of primary research – Familiarising yourself with specific archives that might be relevant to your wider research interests. – Reflecting critically on archival systems of classification and retrieval You only have 1000 words to write (+/- 10%), so you need to think carefully about what is most relevant to report. You can use the questions below to guide your inquiry and writing, but feel free to disregard them if they do not feel \”right\”” for your project. ENCOUNTERING AN ARCHIVE: The guidance here is written with a small archive in mind. You can choose to write about something bigger

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