Primary Source Examination

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Primary Source Examination

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PROMPT: Putting a Primary Source in Context – Choose ONE primary source document from the second half of the course (which includes any of the “Sources From the Past” documents from Chapters 12-21 of the Bentley book) Explain what that source reveals about the society that produced it. What is the historical context of the source – the background to the document –who produced it, and what is its function? What ideas and values does the source reveal about the culture that created it? Using the rest of the textbook as a source of information, explain how the source relates to larger historical developments. For example, what does the source tell us about the power relationships, gender relations, social structure, or religious values within that particular society? 4-5 Pages RUBRIC: Answers the assignment – 40 pts For example: Does the essay address the specific essay assignment for this course? Is the essay of sufficient length to answer the assignment? Is this essay clearly written by this student for this assignment? Thesis and argument – 20 pts Clear, specific, argument appropriate to the assignment; argument sustained throughout and supported by the structure of the essay. Language – 20 pts Formal writing required; none of the following: overgeneralization, personal language, informal language, overuse of passive verbs, etc. Evidence – 20 pts Uses examples appropriate for the assignment Quotes and paraphrases appropriately Complete citations where needed I have a pdf of the textbook I can send, or I can pick out a specific Primary source document for you to write about.



The name of the textbook is Traditions & Encounters: a global perspective on the past 6th Edition

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