Power Point video

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Power Point video

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I was hoping you could help me with this for the pow point you already helped me withYou will then turn your tool presentation PowerPoint into an MP4 podcast.I have provided a video that walks you through the general process. Feel free to make improvements or be creative with your presentations. Use whatever strategies that will be effective for your tool.Remember, the goal is for the video to explain and demonstrate to the watcher what your tool does, why they should use it, and to teach the watcher how to use your tool.The video should stand alone. By that I mean that it should not require you to explain more, while they watch the video. If you feel that you need to explain more; put it in the video,–Tip. if you want a screen recording to smoothly fit into the \’record slide show from beginning method\’; play that video while you are recording the voice over and stay silent while it plays. in this way, it will automatically set the duration in the timings.https://bupmediasite.passhe.edu/Mediasite/Play/47f95621cd44404c824abaac30ea63441dName:_______________________________Classroom Tool Presentation (40 pts)1)Using the information from the PowerPoint you created Create a 5-10 minute video presentation on the tool for class addressing the information noted below and submit it to the designated drop box in BOLT.Name of tool:Web address (1): Who is the tool designed for (2)?What are the features of the tool (4)? (summarize, don’t read off the website)If additional features are offered, how much do they cost (2)? What do you think about it (Pros and Cons) (3)?Provide 2 T/F or Multiple Choice questions to be used for a quiz (2):Demonstrate how to download the tool (2)Demonstrate how to use the tool from the student side (7)Give clear and precise directions (don’t skip steps) (3)Show interest in what you are presenting? (2)Demonstrate how to use the tool from the teacher side? (7)Give clear and precise directions (don’t skip steps) (3)Show interest in what you are presenting?

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