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Essay: The Noh Theater Part of the purpose of this course is to delve into music from other cultures, so this assignment deals with the very old art of the Japanese Noh theater and a very modern Japanese film that uses the Noh style to tell the very old story of “Macbeth”. I want you to watch the movie “Throne of Blood”, by the iconic Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. (Despite its grisly title, it is not a horror movie.) It is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” done in the Noh style. It is available for streaming on-line at the following sites: Kanopy: (This one requires a subscription) Amazon ($3.99) It is also available through I Tunes, also for $3.99. The second part of the assignment is to learn something about the Noh theater itself. This will take some research Here are some links to get you started: And finally, music is an integral part of the Noh plays, so of course we want to study that. Here are some examples: And lastly, here is some information about the movie itself: What I want you to write about is: What is the Noh style? What are its origins and what is its place in Japanese culture? Describe the characteristics of music in the Noh theater and how it is used in the Noh performances. The story of Macbeth is an emotionally charged tale of the lust for power and arrogance. How does Kurosawa use the Noh traditions to tell this story? Describe the music of Noh and the instruments make it. How does the music contribute to the telling of the story? There is plenty of information in the links above to help you get started and even more on the Internet. Use these sources wisely! Be and properly cite your sources using footnotes and include a complete bibliography. Any directly copied material must be in quotation marks and have the proper citation. See the Syllabus for information on the WPU writing clinic. If you need help that is the place to go. 800-1000 words. It is due by the end of the day on Sunday, Nov. 17th.

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