Gulliver’s Travels, reflection paper

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Gulliver’s Travels, reflection paper

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12/11/2019 10:11:34 PM

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12/13/2019 20:59



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3     Double-spaced (900 words)

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Reaction Paper

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Feel free to ask for class notes to see the ideas we discussed Reflection Paper Description: In this three page paper (no more than 900 words), you will write a reflection on Swift’s Gulliver Travels. You will share your thoughts on the novel and call upon at least four textual moments to support your thinking. Please do not consult outside sources. Citations: You will call upon the text at least three times through direct quotes or paraphrases. You will use internal citations. Before the quote, introduce it with a comma, then quoted material, then parenthetical citation and then period. It should look as follows: Swift states, “………………………..” ( 19). Or According to Gulliver, “…………….” (Swift, 19). Arrangement Advice: How you arrange the paper is up to you, although you need to include title and author of the text as well as a strong thesis. I would think about the paper as a five paragraph essay. If you lay the paper out as such, you can drive each body paragraph with a new point. Pointers: Do not open any of your body paragraphs with plot summary. Assert a point about your character and then prove it in the body of the paragraph and analyze. Be sure to give your paper an interesting title and include the word count at the top. Your quotes should be no more than 2 sentences in length. You can assume I know what you are referring to.

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