4 page analytic article

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4 page analytic article

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Political Science

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4     Double-spaced (1200 words)

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Admission Services-Admission Essay

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To complete this assignment, students are to summarize, discuss, and analyze the critical theoretical aspects and major empirical findings from the selected article. Students should focus on paraphrasing and using their own words to demonstrate a significant understanding of the material and the research’s purpose, goals, and contributions. Students are to do the same with newspaper article covering a contemporary event as assigned. Students must draw connections between the academic-level article and the event described in the article. Specifically, students are to apply theoretical concept(s) or empirical finding(s) in order to enhance our understanding of this real-world, contemporary event. To assist in writing this assignment, students should be able to answer the following questions: (1) What is the major theoretical aspect or empirical finding you wish to discuss? Be specific, demonstrating understanding of the arguments and goals of the academic research. (2) What is reported in the newspaper article? Why is this noteworthy? (3) How do the theoretical concept(s) or empirical finding(s) relate to this real-world event? Be specific. (4) How do the theoretical concept(s) or empirical finding(s) enhance our understanding of how we can perceive this real-world event? Be specific To complete this option, students are to analyze the following article: Hall, Melinda Gann. (2001). “State Supreme Courts in American Democracy: Probing the Myths of Judicial Reform.” American Political Science Review 95 (2): 315-330. Then, students are to connect the research to the following article: Liptak, Adam. (2008, May 25). “U.S. Voting for Judges Perplexes Other Nations.” New York Times. https://www.nytimes.com/2008/05/25/world/americas/25iht-judge.4.13194819.html?smid=url-share

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