2 pg. Death Of a Salesman essay

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2 pg. Death Of a Salesman essay

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Death Of a Salesman Essay Rubric. You are a therapist.(Please note- you are NOT a psychiatrist. Your therapy with the Lomans has been all “talk therapy” or counseling. Avoid psychiatric terminology, diagnoses and labels. Avoid “symptoms.” Instead, write about feelings, thoughts, actions, events. You know them far better than almost anyone else. Use that.) You have known the Lomans for several years. You had been doing individual therapy with Willy for some time, but have only been able to do a few sessions of family therapy. Still, you know each member and their issues well. Go forward a few hours after the Requiem scene. Imagine you have returned from the funeral. You go back to your office; this is your task: Your essay is to write your final report on the Loman case. At least 500+ words (two pages) There is no upper limit on words. You MAY want to discuss Willy at some length. You may even make Willy the topic of your the whole paper. However, you can choose to give other characters equal time, or divide your “report” however you want to: maybe into some paragraphs for Willy and one or two for other members, or to discuss one of the more important relationships. (You don’t have to do every character: the aim is to be deeper, not broader. It is more interesting if you do a lot with a narrower focus than spread yourself out too much and end up with a few general thoughts on each. If you can, you do want to make a final assessment of what you think the future may hold for each of them, based on their words and behavior at the funeral. The purpose of doing the essay in this way is for you to show you know the play and the characters in an imaginative way.. You don’t have to be spectacularly creative. Just discuss the feelings and motives (the whys) of the character(s) you choose to write about, with freedom to look back at the whole play.

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