Philosophy of Mind: Lee\’s Temporal experience

PROMPT: Explain how the idea of the specious present arises in theorizing about our experience of motion, change and other temporal phenomena. Describe in detail what Lee calls the Process View of temporal experience, based on the Process, Mirroring, and Representation by Resemblance Intuitions. Illustrate how the view would apply to the case of someone seeing and hearing a musician play a few bars of music.. Explain why the possibility of extended “slow-motion” experience is inconsistent with the Process View. Describe the color phi-phenomenon, and explain why it constitutes a serious problem for the Process View. Explain how Lee’s own Atomic View, incorporating Trace Integration, can account for the experience we have of the color phi-phenomenon.


DIRECTIONS: Write clearly and state things in your own words. Explain all expressions in italics. The writing needs to be focused and on the subject; all terms need to be defined clearly. No external sources allowed other than the document provided.

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