The girls reluctance vision to get married from social, family and financial aspect

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The girls reluctance vision to get married from social, family and financial aspect

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This assignment will be converted into paper so this assignment will be as literature review. Also, the girls reluctance to get married from the Middle Eastern view and western view.


Hi, just to give you complete picture of my initial proposal idea (There are many changes that may affect multiple priorities for a girl after reaching the age of marriage, including education, a job, marriage, or her desire to marry, or the perception of it, and they may be among the reasons for reluctance to marry, which may be economic, social and psychological, and lack of knowledge of the social value in particular. We noted that the only difference between women in the past and women today in the society is the economic factor, as women do not think about marriage in order to have a man spend on her, because she knows that many men need woman help financially.However, woman gets marry for social, moral and cultural reasons but the most important thing is education, financial independence and success in work, meaning that marriage is not an end in itself, but rather a means to build a happy family, so if the woman cannot get a suitable husband and that most marriages are doomed to failure, so it is better for a woman to learn, work and live without marriage.Therefore, the current study sought to identify the importance of marriage for girls who graduated from the university, especially as they are at the age of marriage, and to identify the prospective of their views of getting marriage (subjective, family, and social), and the differences between these prospective in light of some variables.)

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