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Sociology 101 Writing Assignment

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I have Set of four questions I have to answer in my SOC 101 class. Below are the instructions/questions: Answer each of the following question sets while following the accomplished grading criteria cited in the assignment rubric. Label each answer by question set (i.e. Question Set 1). Questions may be restated in answers. Question Set 1: Define deviance and social control. Think of a time when you used informal negative sanctions. To what act of deviance were you responding? Did your reaction help maintain social control? Is it possible to function as a society without the threat of physical violence to keep people under control? Question Set 2: Durkheim made the surprising statement that crime is useful/necessary for all social organization. Explain Durkheim’s approach and point to several specific ways in which crime is functional for society as a whole. Describe the labeling theory of deviance. Do you think stigma is useful in society? Explain. Question Set 3: Explain the Davis-Moore thesis. Do you agree with the thesis? What examples support and/or refute the thesis? Consider the symbolic interactionist perspective. How does social stratification influence the daily interactions of individuals? How does class, status, and power influence daily routines, beliefs, and attitudes? Illustrate these ideas with specific examples from your own life/community. Question Set 4: What is the difference between sex and gender? Why do sociologists find the differentiation important? Define gender roles. How is children’s play influenced by gender roles? Think back to childhood. How “gendered” were the toys/activities available to you? Do you remember gender expectations being conveyed through the approval or disapproval of your playtime choices?

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