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resume and cover letters

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Your Signature Assignment in Module 8 will be a multi-part project. The document you are creating will have two exhibits attached. One of the exhibits will be your resume (Exhibit A), and the second exhibit will be a cover letter (Exhibit B). Before writing these two exhibits you will conduct an inventory of your experiences, to include: Prior employment Education, and Any professional organizations to which you belong. STEP 1: You will implement the writing process from Section 9 to work your way through the finished project. The main body of the document will provide explanations of the information included in your resume and cover letter. The documents must follow the APA format. It will include a cover page, introduction paragraph (min 5-7 sentences), followed by the body of the document (see below), a conclusion paragraph (min 5-7 sentences), reference page (Identify the position), accompanied by the two exhibits. The body and the two exhibits will be submitted as one document in the drop box. The body of the document will explain the various things that you include in your resume. Use powerful action words listed in the text on page 243. You may also look at them as talking points for the interview. Each one of them should be in paragraph form with a minimum of 5 sentences. Things to consider when you are developing this part would be: Employment listing: What did you do there? Give examples? Skills used? Skills learned. Identify challenges and accomplishments. Each skill Give examples of how you used them. How may they be beneficial in the position are applying for? Education listing: Schools, training, certifications, etc… Describe benefits and learning that will support position being considered. Professional organization listing: Identify the organization How the organization benefits the industry How it adds value to you as the candidate STEP 2: Create a professional resume based on the information in STEP 1 STEP 3: Create a cover letter, using The information from STEP 1 A current job opening (found on the internet) Submit all items in one Microsoft Word or Open Office Write document.

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