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1/25/2020 11:55:16 AM

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01/26/2020 23:59


Case Study

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2     Single-spaced (1200 words)

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Case Study

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article case study, answer journal point name: The assigned topic is:(0 points) My initial thoughts/feelings on the topics were:(30 points)( This section contains your general feelings on the topic and NOT what the readings have informed you, Input from the readings have altered my perceptions in the following ways: ( use assigned scholarly sources)(30 points) Journal Format: Three implications for my nurse practitioner practice that are unique to that role and distinct from my current role as a Registered Nurse.(30 points) 1. 2. 3. References in APA format and submitted on time and followed format:(10 points) Format : Response to the Case Studies Posted on Discussion Board. 1. Identify the target symptoms. 2 State the DSM-5 diagnosis with evidence. 3. Identify two differential diagnoses with rationale. 4. Interventions a. Psychopharmacological intervention with rationale. b. Include a sample prescription c. Provide a link to the medication education sheet to be given to the family/patient. 1. Provide a link to the appropriate diagnostic sheet to be given to the family/patient. 2. List nonpharmacological interventions with rationale. 3. List additional assessments required and referrals with rationale. 4. Name a community resource for the patient/family. (It can be a web site for a support group; literature, organizations, educational support, or a list of community resources etc.) 5. References in APA format The article 1. Askew, M., & Byrne, M. W. (2009). Biopsychosocial approach to treating self-injurious a. behaviors: An adolescent case study. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing, 22(3), 115-119.

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