Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan

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Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan

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Political Science

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Explain the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan’s birth, growth, and trajectory as a case of political Islam. To what extent was the IRPT similar to or different from the mujahideen and Taliban movements in Afghanistan? What do those similarities or differences reveal about jihad in particular and Islamism more generally? Draw on all relevant readings in making an evidence-based argument. Needs to include a discussion of the readings and references to specific data from the readings–Answer the assigned question in developing the argument–Use as much relevant evidence as possible. Use the whole space to be sure you cover the relevant material in your essay! Readings: Accord, politics of compromise, The Tajikistan Peace Process Qibla and the Government House: The Islamist Networks Roy, Olivier, SAIS Review, Volume 21, Number 2, Summer-Fall 2001, pp. 53-63 Political Islam and Conflict in Tajikistan, Saodat Olimova, 2006 Central Asia and the Caucuses Publishing House Emmanuel Karagiannis (2016): The New Face of Political Islam inCentral Asia: The Rise of Islamo-democrats, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs Tajikistan: Severe Crackdown on Political Opposition, Human Rights Watch, 2016 \’We Have Succeeded In Surviving\’: An Interview With Exiled Tajik Islamic Party Leader Muhiddin Kabiri, RAdio Free Europe 2019 THE PROGRAM OF THE ISLAMIC REVIVAL PARTY OF TAJIKISTAN 2010 English Translation Islam after Communism: Religion and Politics in Central Asia Adeeb Khalid Ch. 3 The Soviet Assault on Islam I have PDF copies of the source material i would be more than happy to provide

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