Instructions for PowerPoint Presentation; Paper Proposal for Ethnography of East Asia Class with detailed comments

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I received word from the original writer who is working on the revision. However I do have 2 projects that I need completed by 11/22/2020 one at 5pm and the other one by 10pm that same day. If possible I would like for it to be completed by 11/21/2020 so I can maybe get revisions from my professor. 

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The one due on 5pm is an 8-10 page research paper about a sociocultural issue in an East Asian country. I already have a paper proposal for the research paper and the sources for it but you would have to find a couple more sources.

The one due at 10pm is a PowerPoint that needs to be long enough for a 15-20 minute presentation for a sociocultural issues in US history since 1860’s class

I already have the sources for that PowerPoint presentation and I have the theme in which it falls under


Attached are two assignments as previously discussed. The one entitled “document-23748277-43395482.pdf is the paper proposal with the detailed comments. The JSTOR sources for the powerpoint can be accessed through my school and you can use JSTOR or WorldCat to find ethnographic sources for the East Asia paper. Please follow the comments on the paper proposal to help guide your paper. 

Instructions for how to gain access to JSTOR material:

1)go to . Once on the website

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