Electing State Judges/Justices

As you know in the US Constitution, the Framers tried diligently to protect all federal judges and Justices from the influences of politics and to give them the independence to rule according to law, not public opinion.  These judges and justices are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate–they are NOT elected.

However, in many states, including California, state judges and StateSupreme Court Justices are elected by voters.  These women and men are not appointed by the President or approved by the Senate.  These women and men run political campaigns in the same way that all political candidates run campaigns for office.

The video is a panel discussion at Columbia University with some prestigious people on the panel.  Antonin Scalia (U.S. Supreme Court Justice), Sandra Day O’Conner (U.S. Supreme Court Justice), D’Army Bailey (Federal Appeals Court Judge), Barney Frank (Member of House of Representatives), Andrew Napolitano (State Superior Court Judge. Kamala Harris), and others.  It is an upbeat discussion.  In many sections you will see these people speak as though they were sitting across from you in a very relaxed setting–joking back and forth. The discussion revolves around a HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION in which one of the panel members pretends he is running for a State Supreme Court seat in a hypothetical state called, “CENTRALIA””.  The discussion revolves around whether or not electing judges is a good or bad idea.


1.  Use this phrase as the first sentence of your post. 

“”State judges and Justices should  (BE) or (NOT BE) elected. “”



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