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The first paragraph is your introduction. It should be at least five sentences long. This paragraph will introduce the reader to your chosen topic. This is also where you will name and define what culture is and why it is hard for people to see their own culture. It is important to do this because it establishes the focus of your paper. Be sure to check your spelling and watch sentence structure too. I don’t expect your papers to be perfect but I do expect you to proofread them. The second paragraph is where the body of your papers begins and continues until you write your conclusion paragraph. The body of your paper is where you will discuss, explain, and analyze your topic. While doing this, you will include the definition of two cultural concepts from our textbook and name, and provide an example of each to illustrate your ability to apply these concepts. For example, you may choose to discuss ethnocentrism or cultural relativism, and explain how they work. Here are other things you should cover in the body of your essay. Be sure to define and discuss the components of culture, both material and symbolic culture, as defined by our text book and discussed in lecture, and explain how they help to shape our overall society. Also,be sure to discuss the roles of language, signs and gestures in our culture and give examples. You will also give one example of how we enforce cultural norms, defining what a cultural norm is (Folkway, More and Taboo), and how society applies enforcement.

2 The last paragraph is your conclusion. This is where you wrap up your analysis and state your conclusions. This paragraph should also be at least five sentences long. Be sure to proofread your paper for spelling errors and sentence structure mistakes. A well-written paper goes a long way. If you don’t understand something or need help don’t hesitate to ask. If you get stuck over the weekend it is okay to email me your questions or ideas.

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