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Case Study 5.1

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The critical question for us this week is, how do we measure whether the critical elements of our program design have been implemented properly? We need some unit of measuring what was done. For example, three-strikes laws, in addition to describing the rules for charging and processing suspects, we could count the number of people charged and convicted. Case Study 5.1, Program Monitoring: The Correctional Program Assessment Inventory (CPAI), gives us an opportunity to outline the important components of monitoring. Task: After reading the case study and examining The MonDay Community Correctional Institution program, does the CPAI do an effective job of target population, program components (who did what to whom in what order, how much, how often and were there any variations in how program services were delivered?), and program staff (were proper staff selected and trained)? Keep in mind that the question is not whether you believe that the program is a good program, but rather, how do we know whether what actually was being done conforms to what was intended? Guidelines: Your paper should be 3-4 pages in length and follow the APA guidelines (Links to an external site.). Each example should be answered with a full discussion and analysis with proper terminology. Remember that your answers should be grammatically correct and should cite resources that are not your own. For example: When using your textbook your answer should contain in-text citations (Welsh & Harris, 2016), or research according to Welsh and Harris (2016) supports . . . . An abstract and reference page should be included in your essay. If you use direct quotes, you must explain the direct quote in your own words. For further guidance on your paper, please refer to the rubric. Upload the assignment to the Week 4 Essay by 11:59 pm EST, Sunday of Week 4. Resources: Textbook Chapter 5 & Case Study 5.1 Performance Measures for the Criminal Justice System (Links to an external site.) Rubric

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