Aristotle\’s theory of friendship.

Write a philosophical essay that explains and applies Aristotle\’s theory of friendship.

Only use one source: Aristotle\’s Nichomachean Ethics.

Please structure your paper in three sections, as explained below. Please include a very brief introductory paragraph. In this paper, you are not necessarily arguing for your own personal views about friendship. Instead, you are arguing for a certain interpretation of Aristotle\’s theory of friendship, and how it applies to social media. Your introduction should include a thesis statement to this effect.

Prompt 1. Explain Aristotle\’s theory of friendship. In Books VIII and IX of the Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle describes and compares three different kinds of friendship: utility friendship, pleasure friendship, and friendship based on the good–what he calls \”true\”” friendship or friendship of virtue.

Your first task is to demonstrate a thorough understanding of what these three types of friendship have in common and how they differ. To do this

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