Write about Beyonce for Women in Western Music

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Write about Beyonce for Women in Western Music

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3     Double-spaced (900 words)

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PowerPoint Presentation

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Your Final Project will consist of four (4) distinct sections: BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH Write a short biographical sketch [2 pages minimum- double spaced, 12 font and between 400-500 words ] of a woman in music. You may choose a woman who has made an impact on Western Music via her contributions as a composer (any style: from classical, jazz, musicals, opera, video game music or film scoring), performer, improvisor, songwriter, DJ, conductor, recording engineer, producer or in another significant way. Feel free to choose your subject from any era in music history (from Hildegard von Bingen to and Alicia Keys). Should circumstances allow, feel free to profile a local or regional individual as you do not need to choose someone that we have studied during the term (but please check with Instructor via email first before proceeding, to make sure that the person you have selected has a significant professional history). REVIEW Review a sample of your subject’s work whether it be the music to accompany the choreography for an extended dance sequence in a Broadway musical, a lengthy recording project, or a performance. Use the same review format that has been used throughout the term for the Concert Reviews. IMPACT STATEMENT Create a summary statement of the impact that your subject has made on you as well as the profession. Feel free to cite newspaper articles, reviews, and interviews in writing this statement. BIBLIOGRAPHY Include a short bibliography at the end of your paper which indicates ALL of the sources that you used for this Final Project. PLEASE NOTE: Your Final Project should be no shorter than 4 double-spaced pages utilizing a standard font of 12 point size or smaller (this adds up to 1000-1200 or so words for written paper). Students are welcome to present this information in a few formats: 1) Students can create a Powerpoint, Google Slides or Prezi slide show that contains links to the music (embedded or linked to from the presentation), images and text. Must meet a minimum number of 600-700 words (but also allows for images and bullet points throughout). Must include at least 8 images (with proper credits) and 3-5 links to recorded music or videos by the subject of your research. Make sure to include your sources in your presentation. Tips: “How to create a large word count on Prezi”” I can borrow and send sources if you need.

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