Peer critique

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Peer critique

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Communication Strategies

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1     Double-spaced (300 words)

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Admission Services-Admission Essay

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View your assigned peer’s speech as recorded in Panopto and write a one-page (double-spaced) essay that critiques the speech’s content and delivery. Be sure to be attentive to not only the nonverbal aspects (gestures, eye contact, voice, etc.) but be equally attentive to the organization of your speech and the clarity of what you are saying. You essentially will be addressing the following general questions about your speech: What do you think the speaker did well? What do you think the speaker did not do so well? What do you think the speaker should do differently the next time? Be sure to support your assessments. If you do not think that the transitions were effective, give an example of the poor transition. If you believe that the evidence was unclear, indicate the evidence and what was unclear about it To receive full credit for your critique: Be critically engaged in writing about your peer’s speech Analyze the invention, arrangement, style and delivery Reference particular sections of the speech specifically with examples Identify both strengths and weaknesses Identify what needs to be improved Turn in the critique on time Send a Copy of your Peer Critique via the Canvas Message Link and attach a Word Document To not receive full credit for your critique: Fail to engage in writing about your peer’s speech critically Only discuss your peer’s delivery Be vague Identify only strengths or weaknesses Fail to indicate what needs to be improved Merely summarize what the speech was about Turn the critique in late Critiques must be written in complete sentences in an essay format (no bullet point You cannot critique Michael. Page with peer’s speeches: Incase you need login info User: Mgodin1 Password: sheena1991

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