Final Beowulf essay

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Final Beowulf essay

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11/23/2020 7:25:37 PM

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11/25/2020 23:59


English Literature

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4     Double-spaced (1200 words)

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Admission Services-Admission Essay

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Word Count: 1000-1250 words This essay will is about our examination of the different games that form the core of BEOWULF’s narrative. In order to complete this project, I need to relate the KEY components found in a chosen section of BEOWULF to certain concepts that are introduced about game play, game design, and game learning in FOUR of the essays I have read and discussed this semester.(I will link the articles) You can organize this essay in one of two ways. Please give me an introductory paragraph and explain that you are going to analyze the contest in the section of BEOWULF you are concerned with and connect its KEY features to particular concepts related to gaming. In the body, you can organize information in two ways: 1. Divide the essay’s body into four sections (not necessarily four paragraphs, you can use more). Each section should focus on how the main concepts in one of the essays can be related to the games BEOWULF enters into, of course focusing on your chosen section and its KEY components. Do this four times. OR 2. Divide the sections of the essay’s body in terms of the KEY components that comprise the one contest you are looking into from BEOWULF, and look at each component one at a time while noting how certain ideas from FOUR of the essays can be used to explain each KEY component’s importance in the narrative’s game and Beowulf’s experience in the game you have observed in your selected section of the poem. Whichever solution you select, you MUST use directly quoted and cited examples from BOTH the essays (FOUR of them) and the poem of BEOWULF itself (just from the one section you are analyzing). All files are attached 🙂 This is NOT a rhetorical analysis. This paper is an opinion on how game concepts connect to the epic narrative of BEOWULF. If are any questions please reach out to me 

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