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This paper is a 3 part paper I need to summarize the crisis management of the 2008 housing market subprime loans fiasco (2pages of this) I need to summarize (1 page of Job Discrimination) Discrimination in employment involves adverse decisions against employees or job applicants based on their membership in a group that is an object of prejudice or viewed as inferior or deserving of unequal treatment. Discrimination can be intentional or unintentional, institutional or individual. Statistics, together with evidence of deep-seated attitudes and institutional practices and policies, point to racial and sexual discrimination in the workplace. ethical Leadership (1 Page) summarize this Ethical Leadership The relationship between ethical leadership and organizational culture is examined, as well as ways ethical leaders can manage conflict. Managing conflict appropriately identifies potential issues and reinforces a firm’s ethical climate. An important part of leadership is the implementation of employee-centered leadership. Employee-centered leadership recognizes that while not everyone will be a manager, every employee can and should practice leadership skills to support ethical decision making. An essential component of employee-centered leadership is communication. Without communication all attempts at maintaining an ethical culture fail. We describe common ethical leadership styles proven effective in building an ethical corporate culture. Finally, we conclude with a model to address ethical issues and misconduct disasters. Leaders can use this model to guide the firm’s ethical culture, detect ethical risk areas before they become problematic, and develop methods of recovery if an unethical decision or disaster occurs. Summary Points The employment contract creates various obligations to one’s employer. In addition, employees often feel loyalty to the organization. Conflicts of interest arise when employees have a personal interest in a transaction substantial enough that it might reasonably be expected to affect their judgment or lead them to act against the interests of the organization.

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