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[PROMPT] Talia works for a graphic design firm that caters to a variety of different clients. Recently, she was assigned to do the graphic design work for an emerging online athletic apparel brand that is interested in expanding its customer base in two areas: women based in the United States and markets outside of the United States. As she’s reviewing their needs list, as well as previous design work, she notices the following issues. Many parts of the design on their website wasn’t designed with accessibility in mind. Some of the color choices they have selected may not work well with the new demographics they hope to target. Some of the symbols they have decided to use may not transfer well to markets outside of the United States. (For example, the company uses a patriotic theme, with red, white, blue, and stars on some parts of their pages, while the women’s apparel section uses black and red shades.) When she approaches the client, they tell her they are open to changes, but they are not sure where to start. They state they do not have anyone on their team who needs special accessibility accommodations, nor did anyone on their team have an issue with the colors and symbols they’ve used in the past. Consider how Talia should handle the situation and how she could talk to the client about why accessibility accommodations are necessary, how certain colors may be perceived by different demographics, and the importance of symbol choice. Simply put, what is the best way to handle the above situation with the client?

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