1. Createand subscribe to your own thread.
  2. In your post, explain your choices by referring to:  Pill Nation OR Sex for Sale [Do not summarize] – Viewer\’s choice!
  3. Use APA format (correct citation of video and readings)
  4. The title should reflect your overall argument – Process OR Critical Framework
  5. Primary post should be 600 words.
  6. Consider the following for this discussion:
    • Choose crime problem related to drugs or sex, as shown in the video you chose to watch. Outline it (the crime) and reference the section of the documentary by time stamp. Select two cases that exemplify that problem.
    • Of the these frameworks we have covered in this course,which would best explain how the filmmaker is presenting the drug or sex crime you have identified: processor critical criminological? Why? 
    • Within that framework you have chosen, which theory best applies to your case example?  
    • Why have you chosen the particular theoretical framework?  Identify the theory, outline the key elements of that theory, and provide evidence of two cases from the videos, lectures and textbook to illustrate how the theory applies.
    • What case in the documentary contradicts the theory you have chosen? In what way?  

Be certain to show that you have reviewed the course text, lectures, links and videos.Reference specific ideas from video presentations, as well as chapters and lecture material to support your ideas though comparison. 







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