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A well thought out Strategic HR plan will use metrics and/or analytics to answer questions like: Is your workforce fit to take on the challenges outlined by your short term and long-term goals? Do you need to reorganize? Do new positions have to be created? Current positions eliminated? Does your business plan require people to move swiftly and go with the flow as unknown pop ups? Do you generally need certain people or teams to be risk takers or be more risk averse? Is employee turnover under control? Do you have a steady pipeline of candidates to fill positions that may become open? Is there a legacy employee problem? Do you have the analytic resources in place to hold employees accountable, reward top performers, and help your managers keep their team members motivated and driven, and aligned with your goals? Do your employee benefits, compensation plans, and workplace culture foster the environment necessary to achieve your goals set out by your plan? Post at least one of the HR Functions you identified last week that are not aligned to your organizational strategy. 1. What workforce analytics and/or metrics should you use to determine how well this HR Function is impacting the organizations strategy and/or objectives? Be specific. 2. What challenge will you or do you have in obtaining this data? What will you do to address this challenge?

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