Analysis of the Home Pregnancy Test

  1. DescriptionThe Home pregnancy test strips are classified under “Rapid immunological tests”; the strips are a form of a solid phase immunoassay. It follows the basic  immunological principles of binding of an antigen to an antibody.InstructionsDescribe what an immunoassay is. Describe how this strip works. Describe what the antigen in this test is, and how this antigen binds only to its antibody and nothing else. What is the region of an antigen that reacts with an antibody called? What happens during the test? There are two lines on the strip-what do these two lines indicate, and what does the change in color of the control line validate?  Sometimes, using this test too early in the pregnancy will not yield an accurate test result.  Why would this be?  What is the earliest point in pregnancy that such a test can be used reliably? Rapid tests have a shelf life leading to inaccuracies past the “use by” date.  What would be the reason for this “use by” limit? Which the materials could cause inaccurate results?ExpectationsExceptional – provides an accurate explanation and analysis, well supported by the information providedAverage – Some ideas are some what clear but are not well supported by detailed informationBelow Average – main ideas are not clear and not supported by information
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