Unit 10 Assignment Natural Resources and the effects on business

Unit 10 Assignment: Natural Resources and the Effects on Business

In this Assignment, you will be assessed based on the following outcome: Apply critical thinking to formulate a logical solution to a problem.

Corporations often consume natural resources in our society. Overuse or mining of such natural resources can lead to problems in the natural world. In addition, our society has been using technology to improve a corporation’s position, either financially or through improved resource allocation.

Business Ethics

There is not a timelier topic than business ethics to close our Financial Statement Analysis class. Financial managers have a significant responsibility to provide all interested parties accurate and timely data. Ethics in finance and accounting has been a concern in almost every area of business and government in the last two decades. It is thought that much of the recent financial crisis can be traced back to unethical behavior on the part of consumers and financial institutions.

Theodore Roosevelt said it best: “To educate a person in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.”” You will focus on ethics from a financial and environmental perspective in your assignments to help provide that moral balance the President was looking for so very long ago. This experience will help you become a better manager of the resources you control and a better contributor to our world.

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