Administrator Challenges

Assuming that you have been appointed to a position of administrator in a geriatric care facility (e.g., nursing home, assisted living facility, continuing care community, or other), please complete the following 2 tasks:

Assignment Details

  • Develop a list of the top 3 challenging issues related to case management that you might face as an administrator based on the lessons and readings in this course.
  • For each issue, you will assess the benefits and drawbacks of at least 2 options to remedy each challenge from 3 main stakeholder perspectives (e.g., patient, provider, or third-party payer). Be sure to include considerations from legal, social, and ethical perspectives.
  • Include details of each option’s impact on the costs, quality, and access to health services for the geriatric population served at the long-term care organization identified for this assignment.
    • Each option’s impact should support a conclusion of prioritization (i.e., what would you do first, why; second, why; and so on).

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