Impact of 19th Century Nurses

Important nurses of the 19th century are often overshadowed by Nightingale’s prominence. Select one 19th century nurse other than Nightingale and describe this person’s contributions to leadership and/or nursing care. We look forward to reading about the nurse you select!

Each of us is inspired by at least one 19thcentury nurse. Select one nurse who practiced extensively in the 19thcentury (1800s)and search for information about his/her contributions to nursing.Do not use Nightingale for this discussion.This may be a nurse who was discussed in the lesson or textbook but could also be a famous nurse not covered there. While there will be some duplication, let’s see how many different great 19thcentury nurses we can present in this discussion!


please include this source: Judd, D., & Sitzman, K. (2014). A history of American nursing: Trends and eras (2nd ed.). Jones & Bartlett.

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