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It is very important that everyone is on the page and being aligned together. That is mainly why most companies had a vision, mission and philosophy to live by. Considering that fact that there are many backgrounds, ethnicity and generations involved, it is very useful to have something in place for everyone to have a common goal and/or agenda. Especially in the workforce of healthcare, a common objective is necessary. Mission and purpose are used interchangeably, though at theoretical level, there is a difference between two. Mission has external orientation and relates the organization to the society in which it operates. A mission statement helps the organization to link its activities to the needs of the society and legitimize its existence. Purpose is also externally focused but it relates to that segment of the society to which it serves; it defines the business which the institution will undertake (Current Nursing, 2021). The definition of curriculum alignment suggests it as a process of congruence and sequence among all aspects of a curriculum, for example, what was planned, what was actually taught, how it was taught, what was learnt, and how it was tested and evaluated. The establishment of curriculum alignment can be achieved at various levels of the curriculum ranging from program level to a single course level14. To ensure alignment in all components of curriculum, the process incorporates certain variables such as level of course/curriculum objectives, emphasis on content and relevant assessment (Khan et al 2015). I would determine that the curriculum being developed is aligned to the mission, vision and philosophy by continuously evaluating the current vision, mission and philosophy and assess to make sure they are being lived up to expectations. If so, will continue the current process and if not, will find ways for improvement. Two methods nurse educators can implement assessment and evaluate the current curriculum. Assessment would be focused on with the intention to ensure a patient-centered approach to care delivery by addressing dissonances resulting from competing agendas between the narratives of health professionals and patients (Beckwith et al 2020). By assessing the situation, this will allow the collection of data for improvement. Next, I would evaluate the data that was collected.

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Khan, B. A., Hirani, S. S., & Salim, N. (2015). Curriculum Alignment: the Soul of Nursing Education. International Journal of Nursing Education, 7(2), 83–86. https://doi-org.ezp.waldenulibrary.org/10.5958/0974-9357.2015.00080.X


Beckwith S

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