Marketing Opportunities and Brand Loyalty

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Marketing Opportunities

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Marketers monitor the internal metrics for their products as well as relying on companies that provide metrics and analytics on a constant basis regarding website activity, social media responses in certain demographic groups, and more. In this simulation Assignment, you will access the simulation with survey data and the CSR database of the new company, ASG. Then you will begin to analyze data and determine the marketing opportunities involved for improving brand loyalty regarding your chosen product line.

The following Course Outcomes are assessed in this Assignment:

MT450-3: Evaluate a firm’s marketing opportunities.

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PC-3.2: Interact with others in a professional manner using appropriate communication and presentation skills.

You will create a minimum of 12 Microsoft PowerPoint slides and an additional title and references slide with notes below each slide for the marketing director (MD) and marketing team.

Address the following checklist items based on the simulation survey results (located below)

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